Practical English for Daily Living

FREE Classes for Adult English Language Learners


PEDAL@GSE: Practical English for Daily Living was founded in August 2012. It is sponsored by the Penn GSE Educational Linguistics division. PEDAL offers free English as a Second Language classes to adult family members of staff, students, professors, scholars, and post-docs of the University of Pennsylvania. For students within our M.S.Ed. TESOL program, it is an environment in which students grow their teaching skills by connecting the theories and readings of their courses with hands-on practice in a supported classroom setting. In PEDAL, teams of novice first-year TESOL students work with a second-year TESOL student to create and instruct communicative English lessons. Over the course of the semester, the more experienced teacher slowly steps back, and the majority of the planning and instruction process becomes the responsibility of the novice PEDAL team members. 

Community PEDAL@GSE was created in 2013 as a partnership with the Walnut Street West branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia. In 2015, Community PEDAL also provided ESL classes at the Lucien E. Blackwell West Philadelphia Regional Library.  The Blackwell Community PEDAL classes are currently on hold while that library is under renovation.   Community PEDAL classes are open to all members of the West Philadelphia community, and they also focus on pragmatic English lessons.  Community PEDAL classes are co-taught by volunteer TESOL students.

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